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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Six Random Things:

Gilligan tagged me, so here goes:


I refuse to type: LOL or ROFLMAO. I'm just "uncomfortable" with it...

I have no life, which is why I'm always blogging.
I also have no television. I do have a DVD player in my computer but I haven't used it yet.
I don't read directions when i assemble things. I usually have pieces left over, but I just consider them to be spare parts...
I've got frozen food in my freezer that's been there for 4 years..
I've never washed my car.

I tag:



Gilligan said...

I have never typed LOL or any of those others, but lately I've started using BTW, so I'm on the slippery slope to full throttle text abbreviations.



Marissa said...

LOL. Ok, so now I had to look up what SOTMG and CWYL stood for. Great, more acronyms that I'll mix up and then look dorky.

Hey Joe, thanks for tagging me! At least now I have something to post this weekend :D


Marissa said...

No TV -fine. No DVD watching??? Your frozen food might come in handy when Armageddon hits. Not washing your car is fine. As long as you always wash Yourself (especially the important parts).

joe said...

So guys, what does SOTMG mean????

joe said...

... and while you're at it, fill me in on CWYL too...
... and AAYF.

Gilligan said...

SOTMG= short on time must go
CWYL= chat with you later

Are people in such a friggin hurry now they can't even form words?

TMMMWTKM = text messaging makes me want to kill myself

Marissa said...

AAYF = As Always Your Friend, except when I'm SOTMG.

joe said...

Ah. I see.

Sans Pantaloons said...

I'll try to find six things I haven't revealed before, although my life is an open book.

joe said...

Saw it. Good stuff.

grannyann said...

OK Tagger: my entry is up.

Jim @ said...

My tagger entry is posted as well.

joe said...

Saw 'em! Good stuff!


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