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Saturday, April 25, 2009

"We've got a plan, we're gonna rape the land"... wait, that's not right...

Image courtesy of Gilligan.
Birds flying high, in search of a clear blue sky,
as they're chopping down the trees below them.
Come take a stand, and help us save the land,
let's go out and try to make things better.
Chorus: And maybe we can make the world
a whole lot brighter.
We canmake the road a little lighter.
Everybody has to try together,
don't you know it's now or never.
Meadows once green, are few and far between.
And the rivers might run brown tomorrow.
God made the land for each and every man.
So we must do all we canto save it...


Gilligan said...

Thanks for the image cred.

Read Marsha's book yet? Apparently, she did a line of coke with Sammy Davis Jr... this impresses me for some reason.

BTW: My favorite environmental songs are C.W. McCall's "There Won't Be No Country Music" (yes, he sang something besides "Convoy") and Gordon Lightfoot's "Seven Island Suite".

joe said...

Hey Gilligan, excellent profile pic. Who is it?

joe said...

... it doesn't look like Bob Denver..

grannyann said...

who is the man on the right?

grannyann said...

that looks like that native american who is a really good actor.

joe said...

Ann, when Robert Reed was written off the show because of personality disputes with Sherwood Schwartz, that guy was his replacement. It was a VERY daring move for it's day.

Kim said...

My favorite Brady song is Peter's "Time to Change" with his squeaky, pitchy voice.

Good times...good times.

Oh, and don't forget The Silver Platters!

joe said...

Haha. Yeah he added alot to that song.

evansjabin said...

In my happy little suburban 70's San Fernando Valley world, I went to school with Eve Plumb aka "Jan Brady" (Valley School of Individual Training, Van Nuys), now to me this was just the coolest thing on earth! A Brady at my school! My happy little pleasant valley world was shattered on Feb 9, 1971 when the Sylmar quake happened, my first ever and I was terrified!

Copy and paste YouTube links:

It was a cross between TV shows "Emergency" and "Adam 12", but for real and in my happy little suburban world.

joe said...

So did you ever talk to her? Was she nice? Did she have alot of friends? You do realize I'm jealous as hell...