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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hmmmm, nope. Sorry, no clue:

I've seen quite a few of the old Capn Crunch commercials, and I don't remember this chick at all..


FilmFather said...

I'm guessing she disappeared back in the early '70s along with that big white whale, who had her own Cap'n Crunch cereal that I loved. What was it called...Vanilla Crunch...?

joe said...

I don't know, i don't remember that for some reason. I'm pretty sure they still sell the one with crunch berries, though.

Wings said...

I remember her and the other kids. Didn't know her name, though. Interesting!

joe said...

Although I seem to recall the kid with the white "gilligan" hat..

Wendel said...

I DO remember this ad champaign for Capt. Crunch (WOW- was I ever a lonely kid).

I guess all you other guys had lives back then.

joe said...

Hahah no, no life for me back then... I was pretty sheltered..


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