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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You fell asleep under the starlit sea:

It's time to wake up, The moon is high above you. We're all here 'cause we love you, And when you finally open your eyes and ears You'll see and you'll hear us sing: La La La La La, It's a beautiful world, we're all here. La La La La La, It's a beautiful world, we're all here.


Ally said...

I loved this movie as a kid.

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

kimber p said...

I've loved Wizard of Oz since the moment it took my breath away when I was 5. I still shed a tear or two when Dorothy says goodbye to the Scarecrow and tells him she's going to miss him the most...and the Wicked Witch, well she's still scarier than anything Hollywood has dreamed up since....

thanks for this post :)

joe said...

I always looked forward to the annual showing of Wizard of Oz on tv. I loved it when she fell into the pigsty.
And didn't get her clothes dirty.
After falling into a pigsty..


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