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1973 (btw, is it just me, or do I look like the first-season Bobby Brady in this pic?????):

1973 (btw, is it just me, or do I look like the first-season Bobby Brady in this pic?????):
I watch the ripples change their size, but never leave the stream of warm impermanent sand. So the days flow through my eyes but still the days seem the same. And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Runnin' on empty:

It's finally happened. After almost five years of doing this site, I'm running out of ideas. I mean, a guy can only remember so much... I'm still around to check my emails, etc., but I'm probably not going to be posting on a regular basis anymore. My only regret is not enabling comments from the beginning, because it's the feedback from my readers and the people that I've met that really made it worthwhile.


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Well, now, isn't that the way!? This is the first blog of yours I happily stumbled across, but I know the blog-burnout. Sometimes I'm tempted to leave it, but it's the fun comraderie I'll miss :) Well, I'll check back and see if you're still around. I just posted one of my 70's moments (scheduled to post on the 5th) and another blog a couple weeks ago about my childhood 70's collection of stuff. Not much, but it's a growing collection! Well, health and happiness be with you, whatever it is you decide to do :)

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

At the very least, could you leave the blog up for awhile so that I could go back and catch up? Just browsing the last few has me smiling and saying, "Oh yeaaahhh! I remember that!" haha! I especially love seeing things I'd forgotten about! Great work ;)

Trigger said...

Love this site

Some Guy said...

Joe- I dread when this sort of thing happens, but I understand the challenge of coming up with new stuff all the time. The nice thing about the Google Reader is whenever you get the urge to post something new, I'll know. I hope you stop by every now and then!

grannyann said...

I know what you mean. I am sort of in a slump, Maybe a Spring slump. Something will come along for you. Go out among some people or friends and something will get your attention.

Marco said...

Joe, I only found your blog a few months ago but it has really made me smile and takes me "to my happy place" if I'm feeling blue.

That being said, I totally understand about the lack of new topics but I think all of us would welcome reading a post of yours every now and again in the future.

I know I'll check back from time to time to see what neat things you've found in your journeys. and I agree with Elizabeth... If you could leave it up that would be swell.

All the best

joe said...

Thanks everyone (c:
I'm not taking down the site, i've put too much into it to just throw it away.

FilmFather said...

Ah, don't sweat it Joe, everybody gets blog burnout now and then. You thought you were gonna bail on your blog a couple times before, and you were back in the saddle within days each time.

Here's your next ongoing topic/theme: Stuff they took off the market in the '70s because kids were getting hurt or not using it properly: Bathtime funny foam (w/the superhero heads that dispensed were eating the foam), Ker-Bangers (crushed fingers), toy missles (choking hazards) the segment Retro Recall.

To borrow from a schmaltzy '70s tune, "Don't give up on us, baby..."

joe said...

Kids were eating the foam... hahahahahaha

Marissa said...

Joe, your blog is addicting. I always check in to see the latest posts, even if I don't always comment. Hope you're back soon :)

Mnmom said...

I'll still be checking in!!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I know I weeks without posting cuz I got nothing. I'm still gonna keeping following. Glad you are not leaving. I really like your blog Joe.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You know that is the ONE disease we all get from our computers - "Bloggerscrybabyitis". I have gotten it many times. There is no way that you can tell me you are done with the 70s. It may feel like we are yelling into the wind at times but you can't give up. You got the bug. Guaranteed that after a few days you will feel the itch or read some post or find some image that will get you right back to the cause. We are chosen for this. So suck it up brother and I say that with love for what you do.

Where the hell is your 'lawn darts' post then? You leaving me without that? HARSH dude.

joe said...

Hahaha I'm not crying! I swear! ;^)

Jim @ said...

Joe - great blog for a great decade!

joe said...

Thanks Jim!

Blast from the Past said...

Joe -

I've enjoyed your blog SO MUCH!

We're all still following you, regardless of how seldom you may post.

Once a fellow '70s enthusiast, always a fellow '70s enthusiast!

joe said...

Thanks Darryll. Yes that's true, once a fan of the decade, always a fan ;^)


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