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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Random fact:

When you've got a pool, you've always got friends..


LaraAnn said...

We never had a pool. We used the sprinkler to cool off when we were kids. Some of my friends had pools and I was a bit jealous.

Kristie said...

We never had a pool when I was a kid. But get this... as soon as I graduated college, my Dad put in a pool. Would've been nice to have that pool growing up.
I'm with you LaraAnn, it was either the sprinkler or the water hose for me, too.

joe said...

Before we had a pool we did the sprinkler. Man did that suck.


Does this also correlate to the Slip'n'Slide?

joe said...

That was even worse than the sprinkler..

grannyann said...

No pool just sprinkler. In fact my little town where I grew up didn't even have a city pool till I was 10.


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