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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Post-70's remembrance:

In 1982, I wanted to look like Kenny Rogers when I got older. It never happened, btw..


sunnydaze said...

Thank goodness b/c he is a mess since he got that plastic surgery!

joe said...

Why oh why do people feel they need to alter their faces like that. It used to be just facelifts, but now it's just way too invasive and altering.

Marco said...

My dad (RIP) looked a lot like Kenny. So much so that people would stop him in the streets when Kenny Rogers was in town for a concert.

Marco said...

I also have to add... This was pre-plastic surgery Kenny Rogers phase. Late 70's early 80's :)

The Gambler, Lucille. Your parents play these songs and they grow on you.

Loved the movie six pack too.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

He was a looker in his day.

evansjabin said...

Soo boss man! Like, wow! I am sooo happy to have found your site. Here's a few things of awesome late 60's early 70's culture I thought I'd like to share:

YouTube Danger Island segment Bannana Splits Show:

You Tube Susan Olson AKA "Cindy Brady" way groovy Go-Go girl shimmie:

My first "man-crush" was on Jan Michael-Vincent, blond cutie on Danger Island segemnt, I was only 9 or so, approx 1970. But, he helped me solve a crucial question about myself I wasn't sure of.

What a great time it was to be a kid, we sing and dance for ever and a day! hard for kids to do these days.

Thanks for the great fun site!

joe said...

Marco: Did it get old with your dad after the novelty wore off?

Noe: Weren't we all.

Evans: Glad you found me. Welcome aboard ;^)

SkylersDad said...

Kenny really went around the bend with all the "work" he had, now I bet you are looking a lot more like Paul Newman in his prime, right?

joe said...

Actually I don't look like anybody..

Hairball T. Hairball said...

Just adding to the chorus here, Joe. You definitely need to clarify that you mean the pre-plastic surgery version of Kenny Rogers!

Poor old Burt Reynolds is another man who should have said "No, thanks!" to plastic surgery. Very sad.

You do too look like "someone". You look like Joe from that 70's-child blog! :)

joe said...

"You look like Joe from that 70's-child blog!"
Do you really think so??? I must admit there is a strong resemblance.. ;^)

Marco said...

Kenny only came to town once or twice so it wasn't that prevalent. He did get a kick out of it when it did happen.

Personlly, when I was in my early 20's I had people asking for my autograph. They thought I was some hockey player but till this day I have know clue who it was. It was quite surreal when it happened

joe said...

I'd have told people I was Kenny and gave the autographs. I'm just that way.