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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Post-70's remembrance (not sure if I told this one before, but it's all I got today):

A friend and I had taken a trip to Greece in 1988, and on our way back to the States, we had a stop-over in Switzerland. We thought we'd see a little bit of the city we were in, so we took a cab. I smoked cigarettes at the time, and lit one up. The cabbie looked at me in the rear-view mirror and gave me a nasty look for smoking in his car. I went to pass the cigarette to my friend, but I accidentally dropped it and it fell between the seat cushions. The more I tried to retrieve the burning cigarette, the farther it fell and eventually there was no way of retrieving it. All of a sudden I could smell the seat starting to burn, so I did the only thing I could do: I leaned forward and told the driver: "We'll get out here, please". He pulled over immediately and let us out, we paid and he drove off. We cut through some side streets so he couldn't find us. To this day I wonder if the whole car went up in flames, but I'll probably never know. BTW, not only did I burn down his cab, I also didn't tip the guy. Sucked to be him.


Zed said...

hahaha. Nice goin', Joe. Poor cabbie. lol

Mnmom said...

Your kharma will be to come back as a one-eyed asthmatic cab driver in Morocco.

joe said...

Zed: Yeah I feel just terrible.. really...

Mom: Well if that's the case I'm probably still getting off easy


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