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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sunday Comic:

To be honest, I've often wondered why British people sing with an American accent, myself..


REPO136 said...

Being 'British' myself I've always thought we've done it because of the whole pop culture thing going on since the 1950's when we looked to our cousins across the water as inspiration.
Things haven't changed and so it just feels natural to sing this way.

Ironically there's now a big backlash if you use an American accent if you're a rapper (if you're British) and must 'keep it real'. This just sounds odd to me because like singing, I much prefer a US accent over music.

So in short, it's YOUR fault ;-)

joe said...

Hahah probably so ;^)

Sans Pantaloons said...

Next time I'm in the shower, I'll give it laldy with a franco-italian accent.
I may even record it and post as an MP3.


joe said...

Send me an audio clip of that. I'll find a way to post it. It could be your big break