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Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm gonna make it after all:

While it's true that it's devastating losing a best friend and a roommate that you've had for 26 years, it's also true that eventually you get in to the routine of living alone, and you realize that it's not so bad. Your life doesn't end with them. These last couple of weeks have been pretty brutal (actually the last couple of months have been pretty brutal), but every day the hurt eases little by little, and I'm finding that I'm kind of enjoying living by myself. I had to put my dog in a shelter because I won't be working from home any more, so he would've been left alone in the house for 9 hours a day and I wouldn't have been able to care for him like I did. And quite frankly it's very hard to find an apartment complex that allows dogs. I lost 2 friends in 4 days, but I realized that as hard as that is, I came out stronger through it all. It's amazing all the things we don't think that we'll be able to handle. Turns out when they happen, we find ourselves to be more able to deal with them than we think we are. I have a feeling I'm going to be just fine. A big thanks to all who sent comments, emails, and well-wishes. You all made a rough time a little bit easier.


ChiTown Girl said...



Caffeinated Joe said...

Glad you are coming out the other side. It is true about time healing. Never goes away, but life does keep moving forward, so we have to, too. Take care and remember, you have friends here to vent to or just to listen. :)

Michaelof71 said...

Sorry to hear about both of your recent losses, but I admire that resilient spirit! Wishing you continued peace,

joe said...

Thanks guys ;^)

Val said...

I couldn't get a comment to load on your previous posts and was going to send you an email. I'm so sorry for both your losses, Joe. That's so much change in so little time. Go easy on yourself. You're so generous here in cyberspace, I'm sure you were a great friend to both your roommate/friend and pup, as well.

Best Wishes, and you'll be in my thoughts. I know it's hard.

And how about the book Bridge to Terebithia for a great 1970s story about friendship and resilience. ♥ It's one of my favorites. If you haven't read it, you must--and don't skip ahead. :) It was written in 1977. I love it so much.

Love and Best Wishes,

Val ♥

Marco said...

Sorry to hear about your losses Joe. Just remember that strength sometimes comes from the most unlikely places.
Take care

joe said...

Val: I might check out that book. Thanks. I think this is a time in my life that was overdue. Change isn't always comfortable but I believe something positive's going to come out of all of this. Thanks for your support, all you guys are great blog family.

Marco: That's true. And we're all a lot stronger than we think we are. Thanks :)

Some Guy said...

Sorry this is late, Joe. I'm sorry to read all that's been going on. All the best to you!

joe said...

Hey thanks SG. Good to hear from you again.


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