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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hasbro Gumball Machines

Although the above pictured Popeye gumball machine is copyrighted 1968, it was sold well into the early 70's. I had a few of these (not the Popeye version). I used to take out the bottom panel and retrieve the coin, I never let it fill up with change. And usually the gum would be gone in 2 days. Although millions of these things were made, they're not so easy to find these days.


Sans Pantaloons said...

I was a Bazooka Joe boy myself. And Spanish Gold sweet tobacco.

Jen said...

I had a scooby doo
gumball machine

I wish I still had it!!!

snowywoodz said...

Well, I guess there's room for everyone.

Jen, I had Mickey Mouse and a couple of others..

snowywoodz said...

So Jen, did you used to let it fill up with change, or cheat like I did.

Jen said...

I probably cheated

It didn't last to long
it broke and I think
my mother tossed it

sad really..