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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday Night disco:

How I miss the disco days. Every song was my favorite.


Lisa Samuelson said...

Here is my "I went to school with someone famous" story. I went to Jr. High with Thelma Houston's son, Rodney Houston. We were in school when this song came out and let me tell you that this made Rodney the most popular AA guy there was. And our school had maybe 5 AA students. Rodney was raised by his grandmother in Long Beach but I remember one night Thelma came to our open house. Its was kinda surreal that this popular singer was actually at our school. I only caught a glimpse of her since there always was a crowd around them. And Rodney was one of my friends!! It was pretty cool though!!

joe said...

It has to be my favorite disco song. I'm listening to it right now from another window. I miss those days