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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Marrow Of The World

In 1977 I loved this book (don't ask me what it was about now, though).
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Lynda said...

What was it about?

Lynda said...

While Phillip and his adopted cousin, Linda, are rowing their boat across the lake where they are vacationing for the summer, they see something impossible. A castle is sunk in the water that no one else can see, and which vanishes when they dive to investigate. When they return during the night to investigate further, their boat is seized by unknown forces and propelled up a river into another world.
There the two children meet Herne, a woodsman who tells them the story of the battle between the good king Kyril Tessarion, and the evil witch, Morgan. An unseen power separates them from Herne, and the children find themselves in the clutches of the witch Ygerna, daughter of Morgan, who claims Linda is really from this world, the last daughter of the witch Morgan.

Ygerna sends the children on a dangerous quest for The Marrow of the World, which is deep within the dwarfs' mountain stronghold. Great danger and personal growth are in store for the two cousins as they go after the marrow and try to return home.

Doctor Mom™ said...

I don't remember this book at all, but I love the artist!!

Peter Mac???

(hee hee)

snowywoodz said...

Actually, the only thing i remember is that they killed the evil witch by setting her hair on fire. I thought that was SO cool.