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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Random fact:

In the '70s when I was in grade school, I was pretty good at math. It wasn't until I got in to high school and began taking the advanced courses that I started to fail miserably.


SkylersDad said...

i always was horrible at math!

joe said...

In junior high my classmates always copied my answers. In high school nobody copied my answers

Marco said...

Same with me.

Grade 10 was brutal for me. Had to take it in French too. Canada has French as it's official 2nd language and my parents thought that I should learn it (ugh). I failed all but 3 tests that year and had to write the final.

My friend, who was in a gifted (as in super smart) program, offered to tutor me and he decided to use the impact method of learning(ie: I get something wrong, he smacks me upside the head).

Result... I got 94% on the final and didn't look back from there.

joe said...

My tutors used to get so frustrated with me they'd start yelling at me hahah