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1973 (btw, is it just me, or do I look like the first-season Bobby Brady in this pic?????):

1973 (btw, is it just me, or do I look like the first-season Bobby Brady in this pic?????):
I watch the ripples change their size, but never leave the stream of warm impermanent sand. So the days flow through my eyes but still the days seem the same. And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world are immune to your consultations. They're quite aware of what they're going through.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


According to the episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show entitled "Phyllis Whips Inflation" that aired January 18th 1975, Mary's take-home pay after deductions was $680 per month, and her rent had just been raised from $145 per month to $175. The above was her reaction when her landlord informed her of the $30 increase.


Anonymous said...

Are you closing the blog?

joe said...

No, i worked too hard on it. It'll stay.

John said...

Best of luck to you. And thank you so much for the memories. I'm a few months older than you and every entry hit home.
Be well.

John said...

Being a few months older than you, each and every post was relevant to me. Thank you so much. And best of luck and much happiness to you.

John said...

Great blog. A few months older than you so I related to it all.
Best of luck and Thank you for all the memories.

joe said...

Thanks John

Marco said...

Thanks Joe for the memories you wrote about and for all the other memories that were triggered by it.

Athough you're looking forward don't forget the lessons you learned in the past.

My world, and I'm sure others that have come across your blog, would agree that their world is better for the contributions you've made.

All the best for your future endeavors.

joe said...

Thanks Marco. Starting Monday I'm going to begin my job search and I'm not really looking forward to it. I haven't searched for a job in almost 20 years.

Jack said...

Wishing you fair winds and following seas, and may success attend your every venture. Thanks for the memories!

joe said...

Take care Jack!


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