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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cartoon theatre booths:

These were everywhere back in the day, but I never used one. I saw them mostly in stores by the checkout lines, probably so parents could send their kids off to the booth while they waited in line to pay for their merchandise to get them out of their hair. Often I'd ask for a quarter to watch a cartoon, but my folks always said "no". Out of principle "there's no way in the world they'd pay a quarter for cartoons I could watch at home for free". I can see their point now, but back then it just seemed like they were so damn unreasonable.


Dex said...

Thanks for this bot of nostalgia! I completely forgot about these.

joe said...

Ever use one?

Dex said...

I have memories of watching cartoons in one but darned if I can remember what it was. Woody Woodpecker maybe?

Michaelof71 said...

Our usual grocery store had one of these. Just like you said, our mom would let us go watch a cartoon while she checked out. I remember watching some Mighty Mouse, Heckle & Jeckle, and some others. As I recall, they never had any Looney Tunes, my personal favorites.

joe said...

I would have rather shopped with your mom. Mine was no fun

J.M. said...

Wow, I remember seeing one of those in Two Guys, as you first walked in and the along the side of the wall were arcade games, and the cartoon booth. They also had a cartoon phone machine as for the price of a quarter, you could talk on the phone with a pre recorded message of your favorite Hanna Barbera cartoon character.
Many years later, I finally got to go into a cartoon booth at Brent City store. I saw Woody Woodpecker and the machine had problems and shut down.


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