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Sunday, February 02, 2014

I remember an episode of "One Day At A Time"..

... when Barbara was bummed out that boys weren't noticing her, so she started a rumor in school that she was on the pill so she'd get asked out more, and eventually it all blew up in her face when a boy tried to force himself upon her and almost raped her in her apartment. Talk about a good plan backfiring...


Val said...

I watched "One Day at a Time" a lot, but the only episode I remember clearly is the one in which Julie's friend calls to say she's [taken pills, I guess? but attempted suicide, anyway] and Julie and her mom are trying to keep her on the phone to keep her awake (or trace the call?). Barbara walks in and doesn't know why the phone's off the hook, so she hangs it up, and the show ends with them just staring at it. Isn't it funny what we remember so many years later. Geesh.

joe said...

to this day i can't get that damn theme song out of my head


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