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Friday, August 08, 2014

Just sayin':

In 1974, if it wasn't covered in pepperoni, it just wasn't a pizza.


Keith said...

So true! There was just cheese pizza, but that always seemed like a "naked pizza" - like it was missing something. Pepperoni and cheese WAS pizza back then, long before all the imaginative toppings we have today.

joe said...

Now I'm more of a sausage-and-pepper fan..

Val said...

That's an interesting observation. I'd never thought about it. And this is why your blog is such a treasure. :)

Val said...

P.S.) Maybe you've long-since found this out, but: I just looked through everything on your blog's home page again and found your image from the Medusa episode of "Land of the Lost" and read on its imdb page that the actress who played Medusa in it was Marian Thompson. Her acting credits are listed on her imdb page:


joe said...

Thanks Val! :)


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