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Friday, May 17, 2013

Random Fact:

The Carpenters weren't the first to record "Top Of The World". Lynn Anderson recorded the song first, and I like her version much better.


Anonymous said...

Great tune, and I love her "Rose Garden".

My pop was a recruiter in the Marines in the early '70's when "Rose Garden" was popular and I remember we had a drawer full of matchbooks that he'd dole out to new enlistees that read "We Never Promised You a Rose Garden". A true statement I'm sure, as most of these kids prolly wound up in Vietnam.

The Carpenters were great too. I love Karen's voice- haunting and sad and rich. She was an excellent drummer too.

joe said...

I think Lynn's one of the more under-appreciated country singers of the '70s. She's been kind of forgotten, but she had a great voice and had some really good tunes