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Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Back in the day I never really knew what my folks did for a living...


Jack said...

This was epic, Dude! I came to leave a shameless plug, and stayed for the show. I haven't seen That 70s Show forever, and I had never seen this one.

I always knew what my parents did, unfortunately. My mom was most like Hyde's, only career day was a day off for me; minors as a rule can't go where professional gamblers hang out...

This show was so well done, I didn't realize how much I've missed it. I also didn't realize how exact a match Fez was for Kuthrapali on Big Bang Theory, right down to the accent. Thanks tremendously for sharing this.

Okay, my biz: I'm just making the rounds to tell my friends (that it applies to) that I've linked your blog to my story site, ~ I intend to carry links to sites I'm fond of that have content posted within the last week; you stand to be a pretty regular fixture over there. I hope this will bring you some more visitors, but you'll have to be patient, I'm just putting it together.

I'll be lurking, so keep up the good work!

joe said...

My favorite part was Eric assisting his mom during the delivery and fainted.