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Friday, June 06, 2014

Don't Blow Your Top:

The above pics are from an eBay listing. The game is dated 1972, and I'm pretty sure I received one in the Christmas of that year. We played this one alot until we ran out of balloons, then I think my mom threw it out. I don't know why we just didn't buy more balloons, but whatever. I guess whatever number the spinner pointer landed on was the number of marbles you dropped into his hat, and whoever made his head explode was the loser. I loved watching his head explode, so much in fact that I didn't mind losing. Just watching his head explode. Yeah that was awesome.


Diane said...

Funny you should post this since a month or so ago I was trying to find a game online that I'm pretty sure was called, "Don't Blow Your Top" from the same era. My sister had it, but it was an entirely different game with a plastic bird with funky hair that flew off (I'm not making this up). Anyway, all I could find was the game you showed here. I'll have to keep looking. And aren't the graphics from that time just too cool??

joe said...

Hmmmm don't remember that one. I just tried to google it but no luck

Diane said...

Thought I would update for your readers-- the game I described is called, "Pop Yer Top."

joe said...

Thanks Di! Although I have to be honest I never heard of it before. I'll check out the youtube clip you emailed me


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