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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Who are the people in your neighborhood? They're the people that you meet each day:


Oh, a fireman is brave it's said,  His engine is a shiny red. If there's a fire anywhere about, Well, he'll be sure to put it out. 'Cause a fireman is a person in your neighborhood, In your neighborhood. He's in your neighborhood.


R M said...

Hey Joe, tried to email you via a link in your profile. I wanted to ask you a question. I grew up in Taunton three years your senior.
I have so many of your shared memories. My parents worked for TI too, Lincoln Park outings, LOL!
Do you remember Birks or Buy and Save? How about Burger Chef!

joe said...

My email is
I do remember Burger Chef, but I thought it was in Raynham. As soon as McDonald's moved in, BC folded. I think the Burger King moved into that location. Never heard of the other 2, maybe they were in Taunton and we never went to Taunton except to visit my grandparents.
I did a post on Burger Chef when I first started this blog. It's here: