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Friday, June 13, 2014

I guess she'll never make that mistake again:

For the Christmas of 1972, my childhood friend Lori received a Blythe doll. It was the above model with the platinum blonde hair and blue dress. She hated it and it eventually ended up in the garbage. If only she'd known that eventually the doll would've sold for over $3,000.00 on eBay if she'd just kept it. I guess it pays to be grateful. Sucks to be her.


Diane said...

I think we all have regrets like that-- who knew, right? I never heard of Blythe dolls until recently. I don't think they made it to my neck of the woods back then.

Jack said...

Who hasn't made this mistake? I threw out a large shoebox full of late '50s baseball cards. Used them for noisemakers in my bicycle spokes. Cereal toys? Don't get me started! I could have put my kids through college on the money I tossed in the trash.

joe said...

Diane and Jack: The only thing I had that comes close was my Maskatron action figure by Kenner from the Six Million Dollar Man series. An example NRFB now sells for about $1,000.