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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stuff I had:

The Cap'n Crunch puzzle. The description about the pic dated it to be '71, which seems to be around when I had it. I seem to remember using the puzzle pieces as action figures. Not only would the figures pop out, but I believe the wood background did as well; although it's hard to remember for sure - 1971 was a long time ago.


Diane said...

I never saw that puzzle before but sure remember those characters. Fun! Ever see the book "Ceareal Boxes and Prizes: The 1960s"? Pretty nifty. Yes, unfortunately 1971 was a long time ago.

joe said...

I don't remember half those characters

The Flying Yeti said...

Born in '62 I think I remember this puzzle/action figure thing.

joe said...

It was basically a puzzle you couldn't get wrong


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