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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Probably my most favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon was the one where he spent the night in the vampire's castle. Turns out the vamp's name is actually Count Bloodcount. I found out when I was doing the image search. I seem to remember that by saying either "hocus pocus" or "abracadabra" it would change him into either a vampire or a bat. I laughed hysterically when the count was lifting a large rock in the air to crush Bugs in his bed, Bugs called out "abracadabra" and the count changed into a bat and was crushed under the rock. I watched the Bugs Bunny show all throughout the decade and rarely missed a Saturday, but I haven't really seen them since then. I loved waking up early Saturday mornings to eat cereal and watch cartoons. I thought it would last forever.