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Friday, March 02, 2012

Misc. Remembrance:

Back in '76 during a vacation, one afternoon our family played miniature golf. I thought I won because I had the highest score, and that's when mom told me that I actually lost. I was impossible to be around for the rest of the night.


Sunnydaze said...


joe said...

I'm sure she wished she'd just not said anything

Blast from the Past said...

What a fun thing putt-putt golf is. It's one of those things that was SO fun back in the '70s and was such a treat when we got to do it.

I don't remember if it's something I was particularly good at or not - I just remember that it was a lot of fun! Especially with our whole family of 6 out there!

joe said...

We always got ice cream after.
One piece of advice: If you find yourself playing with an 8-year-old, and he thinks he won, don't tell him he didn't. You'll regret it..