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Saturday, January 14, 2006

In Defense Of Jan Brady

Time has not been kind to Jan Brady. Often the butt of jokes, she is regarded as a loser or "less than" her sister Marcia. I am here this day to prove that Jan Brady deserves more credit than she has received, and these are my reasons:

She was chosen over Marcia for the job at Haskel's Ice Cream Hut. According to Mr. Haskel: "Marcia, you're a great worker. But Jan here is a little bit better."

Jan was more artistic than Marcia.

She had longer, fuller, wavier hair than her sister Marcia. According to Lucy Winters, all of her friends envied it (no one ever said that to Marcia).

She had bigger boobs than Marcia by the last season.

Alice gave the locket to Jan, not Marcia.

She wasn't as girly as Marcia.

Jan didn't lose HER role in Romeo and Juliet, unlike 'you-know-who'.

She had the common sense not to fall for married dentists.

She was more attractive to Clark. As soon as Clark saw her in that dress, he forgot all about Marcia. I can't blame him.