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Sunday, January 01, 2006

My favorite toys from the 70's:

The following were my favorite toys when I was a kid in the 70's:

  • Fisher Price Castle - My all-time hands down favorite. I would play with this thing for hours. The coolest parts were the trap door that sent the figures into the dungeon, the moveable stairs that they could hide behind, and the drawbridge. If they wouldn't sell for so high on ebay, I'd buy another set.
  • Lego's - My favorite toy, but not my parents. Somehow 1 or 2 pieces would end up on the floor and they would step on them with bare feet.
  • Chutes and Ladders - My favorite part was sliding my token down the chutes, although when you did that it meant that you were losing.
  • Mouse Trap - Me and a friend used to fill up the tub that the guy jumps in with water.
  • Show 'n Tell - Was a record player that had a "tv" built in. You would play the record and insert a slide into a slot and watch a "movie" while the record played.
  • Silly Putty - I can still remember the smell of it.
  • Silly String - Somehow the bushes in front of our house always ended up covered in Silly String.
  • Maskatron - The Bionic Man's enemy. I loved that guy.....
  • Matchbox Cars - Another 'land mine' that dad or mom would step on. The coolest ones were the kind whose doors opened and closed.
  • Action Figures - Had Star Trek action figures and the Enterprise play set. Also one Robin figure ( no batman, so he was sort of out of place hanging out in space with Captain Kirk and Spock).