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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anyone remember Zoom?

I remember back around 1973, my cousin Karla asked me if I had ever watched Zoom. I got hooked and watched it almost every week night until around '76. It would come on either before or after The Electric Company. I forget all their names, except the chick on the far right was named Ann (I don't remember who the boy on the right was, but he was part of the search results).


Marissa said...

Hey Joe,

Of course I remember Zoom. "We're gonna zoom, zoom, zoom-ah zoom." My best friend and I still like to do that arm thing, where you cross them and reverse direction.

You have a really entertaining blog. I just discovered it yesterday. AND - I can't believe someone else my age really likes Engelbert Humperdinck's After The Lovin (from your post Top 40 hits of 1976).

I'm working my way through your archives. Awesome.

joe said...

Hey thanks Marissa, you made my day (c:

joe said...

Btw, did you have the Zoom Catalog that came out in '72?

Marissa said...

Didn't have the Zoom 1972 catalog but I just took a gander at the cover on Ebay. Apparently, someone already scored it. Hey, was it YOU?

joe said...

Haha. Nope, not I. ;^)

Sparkleneely said...

I am FREAKING OUT over your blog, and just had to stop and comment. you're 6 months older than me, and I remember all of these things, too, and write about them a lot. In fact, I was just thinking so much about all these things today because I was watching an Afterschool Special and happened upon your blog by coincidence... I LOVE IT and I'll be back!!! Can you hook up the Followers widget?

And BTW, ZOOM. My favorite was Bernadette, who did the arm thing that Marissa was talking about...

thanks so much!


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