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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I miss Point Judith:

In the mid to late '70s, in the Summer we often went to Point Judith in Rhode Island for the day. I think it was closer than Cape Cod. We went to the above restaurant quite a few times. I'm not sure if it was "Champlins" back then. I believe their specialty was clam cakes, but I'm not really sure if that's what they were called. In '78 we spent a week in a rental cottage and had a great time. My father's aunt had a cottage in P.J., as well. Once in a while I think of going back there for a couple of days and hanging out, and seeing if it even remotely resembles what it was back then. It seemed really laid-back, but that was more than 34 years ago, and there aren't too many places that stay that way for that long.


Dartman said...

Wow! I used to go to Point Judith to get the boat to Block Island all the time! (I take a closer boat out of New London, CT now) So cool!

joe said...

So was the restaurant Champlins back then. I'd love to go back sometime

Main Line Sportsman said...

My wife and I were there on 7/4 after getting off the ferry back from Block Island...great seafood.

apemanbela44 said...

Our first big family vacation was to Atlantic City in 1977, the year before the casinos opened. My parents then started taking us to Wildwood, NJ further down the coast instead.

The pic reminded me of Mack's Pizza in Wildwood. Not that it looks anything like Champlins. It just reminded me of all the pizza we used to scarf down while at the beach. Good memories of family and fun.

I haven't been to Wildwood in nearly 30 years, so I have no idea if Mack's is still around.

Jaggerfan1 said...

If I should happen to visit Rhode Island, I'll make sure to stop by this place. It looks like it has ood food. I love those quaint little places like that. Those out of the way places usually end up having the best food anyway

Anonymous said...

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joe said...


ChiTown Girl said...

Hey, Bud, it's been a while. I hope everything is ok. We're missing you over here!

joe said...

Thanks. Unfortunately my computer crashed and I need to get a new one. Every time I start it up it shuts down on me. I'm working with the library's computers but it's kind of hard to come up with posts with a room full of people.