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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Does anybody remember Anissa Jones?


I was 8 years old when I heard she passed on. Back then the rumor going around amongst my friends was that she died in a house fire during a slumber party. The concept of a drug overdose was totally foreign to us, we had no idea what that was. I don't remember if it was before or after Freddy Prinze committed suicide, but I think the 2 were pretty close together. How sad for someone to pass on before their life really gets started; I guess it just proves that no one's too young to die.


pixie said...

She was with a bunch of teens who were younger than her. The girl whose house Anissa was partying at was only 14. So sad.

Anissa was really close with her brother Paul. He also died of a drug overdose just eight years later.

Anonymous said...

Anissa Jones will live forever as Buffy Davis on Family Affair. We watched all 5 seasons of Family Affair on DVD.