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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Stuff I didn't have:

I had tons of stuff as a kid. There was very little that I asked for that I didn't get. My folks were very generous with me, but you can't have it all. One of those things was Stretch Armstrong. He was a rubbery figure that stretched to great lengths then shrunk back to normal size once you let go. Back when I was into eBay, I thought of purchasing one, but decided to pass. Quite frankly, if someone walked in the room and caught me playing with Stretch at 40 years old, I'd probably have alot of explaining to do..


Michaelof71 said...

I really wanted a Stretch Armstrong but never had one either. A neighborhood friend had one when we were kids, and I remember that we tried to stretch Stretch out so far that he would break open and we could learn what was inside him. We never got him to break. (I now wonder why we didn't just use scissors. Maybe that would've seemed like cheating.) To this day, I still don't know what was inside Stretch Armstrong. (Time to do a google search.)

Michaelof71 said...

So, his insides were just a corn syrup gel. As a kid, I imagined it was some top-secret mysterious substance.

I just read on-line that a Stretch Armstrong movie has been in development for some time. Taylor Lautner (from the Twilight movies) was going to star but his involvement seems to have fallen through. The movie has a tentative release date in April 2014.

ChiTown Girl said...

My brother had one, and LOVED it, right up until he had the bright idea to stick a pen in Stretch's leg and "popped" him. The thing oozed out all this blue goo, and he promptly ended up in the garbage. :(

Janet said...

Stretch got a little weird and distrubing looking after he'd been stretched a lot. Not good.

leftylimbo said...

I didn't have a Stretch Armstrong but my buddy did. He had both him and that green lizard dood whom I believe was his nemesis. Like many other '70s kids I'm sure (including ChiTown Girl's brother), we eventually could no longer contain our curiosity, and one day pierced the green dood with a nail. Sure enough, this mysterious blue gel oozed out, caused a sticky mess, and rendered the toy useless.

joe said...

All: I wonder how these held up through the years


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