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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So does anyone out there remember..

... The Wheat Thins commercials with Sandy Duncan?? And how Wheat Thins were "baked, not fried"? Mostly I remember the ones where she was walking through the wheat field, eating Wheat Thins out of the box. The above kind of looks like an early '80s release, though. I looked for a wheat field commercial pic, but no luck yet. Maybe someday; I'm sure I'll post about it again, I'm always repeating myself..

Monday, May 09, 2011

Misc. Remembrance:

When I was a kid, I was petrified of the basement. That's also where mom had her food pantry. Every once in a while she'd ask me to go into the basement to get something out of the pantry, and I'd quietly freak out. I'd stand in the pantry looking for what she sent me down for, but I was freaking out that something was behind me I couldn't concentrate. I'd stand there, catatonic, and mom would finally holler down:

"Joe! Get the damn corn already!"

"Mom, it's not here!"

"Of course it's there!! I just bought some yesterday!!"

"No it isn't!"

"I know it's there!!!!! Just look!!"

I'd look around

"Nope! I don't see it!"

She'd come down exasperated, get it in 2 seconds, then go back upstairs. Eventually she ended up just getting it herself. I wish she'd caught on sooner...