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Thursday, May 05, 2005

70s Shows I Didn't Like

Nellie Olsen, every village has one.... Posted by Hello

These are the shows I didn't like from the 70's
  • Little House On The Prarie (Liked it until I realized every show was depressing).
  • The Waltons (Sorry, hated it for several reasons: 1. They lived in the heart of the depression/ 2. They lived in a big old dumpy farmhouse/ 3. The girls all wore 5th hand dresses/ 4. John Boy was highly over-rated and i never liked that thing on his face/ 5. The grandmother kind of got on my nerves/ 6. They all got along a little too well/ 7. They all went to bed at the same time, I mean what family really does that?).
  • Family (Kristy McNichol was really annoying, and Meredith Baxter was a little too serious for my liking).
  • The Hardy Boys (I was so glad when my cousin Michelle got over her Shaun Cassidy phase).
  • The Partridge Family (To this day I can watch re-runs of The Brady Bunch, but I can't sit through 5 minutes of The Partridge Family. Seems you either liked The Brady Bunch or The Partridge Family, but never both. Although to their credit, even though they didn't have Maureen McCormick, or that groovy staircase, or a wacky housekeeper that kept us all in stitches, you gotta admit they had one hell of a bus).