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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

My Favorite 70's Movies

Chrissie at the wrong place at the wrong time (she shouldn't have left the party so early).

My favorite 70's movie were:
  • Jaws (I still miss Chrissie, Pippet, and Charlie's wife's holiday roast the most - Quint, I'm not so sure).
  • Every Which Way But Loose (It's still hillarious when the ape kisses Ruth Gordon on the lips).
  • Harold and Maude (Another classic featuring Ruth Gordon. I'd have dated her also. I like when she yells at the officer who's issuing her a citation: "Give an old lady a break!").
  • The Poseidon Adventure (Like Shelly Winter's character was actually a former Olympic swimmer....... how believable is that?).
  • Grease (Not that great on t.v., but I wore the album out. To this day I don't know ANYONE who liked that 'beauty school dropout' scene).
  • Saturday Night Fever (The album, not so much the movie. I still like the album).
  • The Bad News Bears (I'm an adult and even I don't use the language those kids used).
  • Animal house (I wish I had gone to college).
  • Smokey and the Bandit (Always brings out the redneck in me. Burt Reynolds was the best).
  • The Goodbye Girl (I like the part where Richard Dreyfuss has too much to drink because his play is a dismal failure and he gets really sick).
  • Salem's Lot (This terrified me to no end. I can remember lying in bed with the sheets over my head paranoid that I was going to see a vampire on the other side of the glass, scratching to get in. The movie - it was a miniseries - was set in Maine. My stepfather was taking us on a trip to Canada to his family reunion and we had to drive through Maine. I packed a crucifix just in case we were going to drive through at night).