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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Blizzard Of '78

Any kid growing up in New England, especially near the Boston area remembers the blizzard of '78. It was either January or February and I had just turned 10. It was the kind of monster blizzard where people ended up leaving their cars on the road and walking to shelter. Later on in the day cars were covered by snow and some people couldn't find them for a couple of days. School was closed for about 2 weeks. I suppose if you were a kid, it was great. But looking back I'm sure it was a nightmare for adults, having to scramble for somebody to watch their kids while they worked, etc. I remember mom sending me to the store to buy cigarettes. My nose barely cleared the counter and I was allowed to purchase cigarettes..... a couple years later I started purchasing them for myself - but that's an entirely different story. I don't smoke anymore.