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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Very 70s Christmas

Just who was that bearded man??? Posted by Hello

This photo was taken around '72. The kid on the bottom right (David) became a police officer and is happily married with 3 kids, the kid on the bottom middle (Freddie) is happily married, the kid on the bottom left is me, the little boy in green (Jeff) is no longer alive - he tragically died in a car accident while in college, the girl on santa's lap dressed like Laurie Partridge who definitely has Santa's attention(Elaine) has a child and is a single career woman, the little girl to the left of santa (Laurie) who's trying to hide behind her present is also a single career woman, and the little girl on the top left with her head cut off (Kim) is re-married with a few kids.
This was shot at Ev's house in Raynham. It was a brand new subdivision when our parents bought their houses. Our parents paid about $20,000 for their homes, and now they sell for $400,000 or more. Who knew? But, I digress. Back to Christmas, I have absolutely NO IDEA to this day who this shifty-eyed Santa Claus is. Ev says he's Mr. Howell (no, not Thurston Howell III), and I still say he's my Grandfather Joe. But only God knows, and He's not telling.