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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Favorite 70's Shows

Sunshine, Brady-Style Posted by Hello

My favorite shows of the 70s were:
  • The Brady Bunch (My favorite episodes were: the Haskel's Ice Cream Hut episode, the one where Marcia has an emotional breakdown after losing the role of Juliet to someone else, and the one where Bobby becomes a socialist hall monitor and puts too much soap in the washing machine. Also, I like the episode where Greg takes Bobby on his date with Rachel and Bobby says to Greg: "You wouldn't want sweetie-pie to get wet, would you?" I thought that was SO hysterical back then, I "laughed my ass off". I also liked the one where Peter's volcano erupted on Marcia's booster club meeting. I still laugh).
  • Sesame Street (Made me the caring, sensitive man I am today).
  • The Electric Company (Anyone remember the "L-Y" song?).
  • Zoom (I remember an episode where a bunch of talking vegetables get "processed" in the end. It scarred me for 2 years).
  • All in the Family (Who didn't like it when Archie called Mike a 'Meat head'? My grandmother watched this show faithfully to prove to the rest of the family that she was 'liberated').
  • Maude (The only work Adrienne Barbeau did where her character had any class).
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show (She could turn my world on with her smile).
  • The Carol Burnett Show (I loved how Eunice used to nag everyone to play a game with her, then she would start to lose and cry and blame everybody else for her life's problems).
  • The Jeffersons (Just once I wish Louise hauled off and punched her mother-in-law's lights out, she was such a bitch).
  • Sanford and Son (Aunt Esther, what a pistol!).
  • The Gong Show (An all-time classic, I never understood why they don't show re-runs).
  • The $1.98 Beauty Show (The 'winner' would receive a cheezy crown and a check for $1.98. It was so derranged it was good. Better than Miss America).
  • Alice (Flo was a cool chick, but still I don't think I would want to kiss her grits).
  • Laverne and Shirley (The first time I ever heard the word "Bimbo". Back then I was so young my parents wouldn't tell me what that word meant......).
  • WKRP in Cincinnatti (I liked the line when Mr. Carlson told Randy the station manager: "When I eat something it turns into fat. When you eat something, it turns into hair". Les Nessman was my favorite character).
  • Mash (The only problem is now I can never find anyone who is willing to watch it with me).
  • Land of the Lost (A saturday morning staple. Who can't recite the opening song?).
  • Yoga with Maggie (A PBS classic. She was always dressed in this sort of one-piece black stretch spandex jumpsuit, and she had black, past-her-waist-length hair with bangs. She was very enlightened. I'm sure she's out there, somewhere, meditating).