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Friday, March 02, 2007

The Partridge Family

I didn't like this show. So, you may ask, "If you didn't like this show, why are you posting it??" Well, I'm sort of short on ideas. I did, however, watch them in the 70's, because they came on right after The Brady Bunch, and we didn't have a remote for the TV, so watch them I did. I did have the Lunch Box, and the Board Game, however. You know, it seems that The P-Family and The Brady Bunch attracted 2 completely different types of viewers. It seems that most either liked The P-Fam or The Brady's, but never both. To this day I can't sit through an entire episode. Here is a link to a site with more info:


teri said...

I didn't really get into the Patridge Family, I always watched The Brady Bunch though.

i think your theory is correct.

snowywoodz said...

I'm SO glad you were a Brady Bunch gal. I was REALLY crossing my fingers.

Mel said...

Sorry, I was a partridge gal but ONLY because Of Keith. I thought he was HOT at the time LOL. I was a Shirley Jones fan too, I grew up watching her in Oaklahoma and the Music man.

Do you hate me know you know I am one of those partridge gals?

snowywoodz said...

NO way! I love you just as much, if not more! (Actually, dad used to watch it because of Keith, also. Mom still doesn't know)..

snowywoodz said...

... oh, she had her suspicions, but she never could prove it. She never saw dad's Tiger Beat collection (all featuring Mister Cassidy). Funny, the wife is ALWAYS the last to know, even if to everyone else it's PAINFULLY obvious..

Lynda said...

I liked the Brady Bunch and the P-Fam was tolerable. Most of the time. Except the freckled face little brat.

Miss Alex said...

I'd still drop trow for Keith.

Classy right?


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