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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I think I laughed harder when Carol dressed up as Charo's mother then when she wore that curtain rod dress. I thought that was hysterical.


ChiTown Girl said...

I SO remember this episode, and I remember laughing my ass off! Man, I miss the Carol B Show.

C said...

i grew up watching the carol b. show! she was my fave, i loved harvey korman, tim conway, lyle wagner, and vickie lawrence... omg that was true humor, that show!!!

Sunnydaze said...

TOOOO FUNNY!!! I wish CB would come on as reruns.

joe said...

Chi: I think Carol's got grapefruit in that top of hers

C: I remember watching re-runs in the 80's and it was still funny back then

Sunny: I'm sure there are re-runs playing somewhere. You could probably watch it on youtube

Blast from the Past said...

Without a doubt, some of the best and funniest humor ever to be on TV. Some day I'm just going to bite the bullet and order the DVD's you can get on TV. I think they've kept reruns off the air because they're selling these. I know I haven't seen the show on TV in years.

Tim Conway as the Old Man
"Mrs. a-Whi-Higins"
Harvey Korman cracking up.

A veritable non-stop laugh-fest!

joe said...

Do you remember the one where Carol was dressed as Queen Elizabeth, and Tim Conway tried to sell her a "donkey popsicle"??? That cracked me up back then too.