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Monday, December 31, 2012

Misc. Remembrance:

When I was 5, my favorite show was Batman. I loved the show so much, I secretly wanted my folks to install a bat pole in my second floor bedroom closet so I could slide down  from my bedroom into our basement. I never bothered to ask them, because deep down inside I knew it was a waste of time. I knew how inflexible and unreasonable they could sometimes be.


Jack said...

Yeah, parents can be such tools! All I wanted was the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse in my back yard, accessed by a rope bridge leading from a trap door in the roof of my room. Do you think the monstrous child-haters would budge?

So, when do we stop having dreams, and start ridiculing other people for having them?

Happy New Year, Amigo!

joe said...

That doesn't seem too much to ask.

Happy new year to you too sir ;^)

Retro Hound said...

I wanted one too! We had a laundry chute that went from my closet to the basement and we used it to test the durability of many toys.

joe said...

Just think of all the fun we could have had..

ChiTown Girl said...

Batman is STILL one of my favorite shows. I watch it on MeTV around here.

Happy New Year, my friend. May 2013 bring you health, happiness and prosperity!