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Monday, November 07, 2005

Free To Be You And Me

In 1972 (or was it '74?), Marlo Thomas and her friends came out with "Free to be you and me". It was a one-hour long special targeted towards young children. It's goal was to help us accept ourselves despite our flaws.

Rosey Grier told us that it was allright to cry, it would make us feel better. Alan Alda taught us it was okay for boys to play with dolls, and Michael Jackson sang of the fact that he didn't need to change at all, he was fine just as he was...... (yeah, right, Michael!).

I never had this album but my cousins had it. I saw a re-run of this show on TvLand a few years ago. It's interesting to note that Michael Jackson's name is not given credit on the front cover.