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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1972 Flashback:

Back circa '72, mom was in a bowling league and they bowled every Tuesday night. A friend of mine and me were in the men's room and he said, "Check this out". He took a big wad of toilet paper and stuffed it into the automatic hand dryer, pointed the exhaust upward, and punched the button. The toilet paper flew into the air and floated down gently, and I thought that was SO cool. So we proceeded to deplete the bathroom's supply of toilet paper and had fun shooting the paper into the air. We had a BLAST. Paper was flying EVERYWHERE, and soon the floor was covered with toilet paper, like it had just snowed. You couldn't see the floor, it was covered. We were at it for about five minutes, then a guy walked into the bathroom and the breeze that the door made when it was opened sent the toilet paper on the floor flying everywhere, not to mention the 3 or 4 dryers that were sending new wads into the air. Yes, that's how we amused ourselves. We didn't get in trouble. I guess toilet paper was cheap enough.
You could click on the above pic, but the larger picture is pretty much the same..