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Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm not quite sure what they're singing, but it's probably "I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll":

"I'm a little bit country
I'm a little bit rock and roll.
I'm a little bit of Memphis/Nashville
With a little bit of Motown in my soul"
This one's for Jim, who got me to thinking about this show. I didn't miss an episode. Marie was a very pretty teenager, until she got that god-awful bob towards the end of the show. I still remember Donny's purple socks, and how he was the butt of all the jokes that were rather insulting. Apparantly, his brothers were writing the scripts for the show and did whatever they could to make him look bad because they were jealous he was popular and they weren't... yes family can really suck sometimes......