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Friday, September 30, 2011

I and my brother are different:

I was born in the '60s / He was born in the '80s
I like McDonald's / He likes Burger King
I grew up with The Brady Bunch / He grew up with The Simpsons
I started 12th grade the year he started Kindergarten

I paid off my mortgage in 2010 / He assumed his mortgage in 2010
I smoked cigarettes as a teen / He chewed tobacco
I'm an adopted child / He's a biological child
My folks divorced / His stayed married
I grew my hair long as a teen / He always wore a buzz-cut
I had Atari / He had Nintendo
My first car was a '73 Beetle / His was a new car
I've traveled all over the country / He's never been further west than Connecticut
I'm a native Cape Codder / He is not
As a kid I often slept over friends' houses / He did not
As a kid we lived in 5 different places before mom bought the house she currently lives in / He lived in the same house until he bought his own place
I've had my own business / He's always worked for someone else
My first piece of real estate was land / His was a house
I'm an introvert / He's not
I've never really been a guy's guy / He is
I'll never marry and have kids / Someday he will
I hate golf / He loves golf
I suck at pool / He's good at pool
I had a moped / He had a motorcycle
I have a blog / He doesn't