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Monday, January 02, 2012

"That's funny, Frank never has a second cup at home..."

Does anyone remember the coffee commercials (I think it was Folgers) where a married couple is having coffee with Mrs. Olsen and the husband asks for a second cup of coffee while the wife looks on in disbelief that her husband actually wants a second cup because he doesn't ask for a second cup at home. And she seems to get a sort of inferiority complex because she can't seem to make a decent cup of coffee to satisfy her man?? Then she asks Mrs. Olsen what her secret is, and I believe it's the "flavor crystals" that makes Mrs. Olsen's coffee better than the wife's. So Mrs. Olsen tells the wife her secret and probably saves their marriage??? It was an ad campaign that ran pretty much throughout the decade. I'm guessing Mrs. Olsen isn't with us anymore; it's been almost 30 years.