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Monday, May 21, 2012

From "Castles In The Air" by Don McLean:

"And if she asks you why, you can tell her that I told you that I'm tired of castles in the air. I've got a dream I want the world to share; in castle walls just leave me to despair. Hills of forest green where the mountains touch the sky - a dream come true, I'll live there 'til I die. I'm asking you to say my last goodbye. The love we knew ain't worth another try. Save me from all the trouble and the pain, I know I'm weak but I can't face that girl again. Tell her the reasons why I can't remain - perhaps she'll understand if you tell it to her plain. Oh, but how can words express the feel of sunlight in the morning, in the hills far away from strife. I need a country woman for my wife. For I cannot be part of her "cocktail generation partner's waltz", devoid of all romance - the music plays and everyone must dance; I'm bowing out, I need a second chance."