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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sneaker Roller Skates:

In 1978, I had a pair of sneaker roller skates. In fact, I had the above models: blue satin sides, blue suede toe and heal, 4 white stripes on each side, yellow wheels and stopper, and yellow laces. I practiced roller skating in dad's basement. I was able to turn around as I skated so I was skating backward, but for some reason wasn't able to turn back around so once I started skating backward I had to stay backward until I stopped. I remember the roller skating rinks wouldn't allow you to wear these in their facilities; they said it ruined the surface of the rink, but really it was so that you'd have to rent theirs. I haven't roller skated since around '83, and the older I get the less likely it is that I'll start again. I loved roller skating as a kid.