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Friday, December 14, 2012

A very '69 Christmas:

The above was taken Christmas eve 1969, the day I turned 2. That's my cousin DeeDee and myself on the bicycle I got that year (I'm guessing for my birthday). The picture's dated "Mar 70", because my folks were always slow in getting our pictures developed at the local "Fotomat". I don't know who the adults are, but the one on the right kind of looks like my grandmother Dell. I haven't a clue who the guy is. In retrospect I can't believe how bad my folks' taste in home decorating was. That brown refrigerator is a whole new brand of ugly. When my folks sold that house, the woman who bought it pulled my mom aside and told her that the eagle wallpaper was the first to go. On a personal note, I would've had everything go, especially that nasty linoleum flooring.