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Monday, December 08, 2014

Stuff I had:

I guess it was around '76. It was probably one of the last lunchboxes I had. As I recall, something happened to it and it got destroyed, so mom replaced it with a blue one since yellow was sold out. I always brought my lunch to school because I hated the school lunches, plus I was really into lunch boxes. There was always one kid in school who had one of those boring red-plaid lunch boxes, and as I recall they were always eating alone. I'm not sure exactly how much my lunchboxes would be worth on today's collector's market, but I bet they'd fetch a few hundred dollars total if I sold them all, especially since half of them were metal. I've thought about maybe snagging one off eBay for sentimental value, but I have a hard time spending 50 bucks on something that cost 2 bucks back in the day. I'm so damn cheap..